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grrlPOWrr's Journal
Caitlin's Pict!! Taken by her <---- Thaz Caitlin! -----> Thaz Rose!

September 06,
Rockin! Guess who's back? After a yeras vacation from grrlPOWrr, we're back!! Rose doesn't quite know yet, you see, I've turned into the insomniac i was meant to be, and it's 2:09 am right now, and I was checkin grrlPOWrr out, and the idea of raw html slipping through my fingers turned me on, so why the hell not? So she's back, the bitch herself! she even has 3 new articles up. wait'll you read em. I'm also working on another page, Supergrrl, it'll blow this bit to bits, its gonna be harsh and it'll be reality. But its not quite up yet.. so its still a secret ::hush hush now::

School starts next week.. the usual.. bla bla... to boring. Enjoy the articles, rock the world, and guess what? Im going to put together a newsletter. Don't ya just luv me now? ...just kidding.
Luv you all... And dont ferget to mail me... I luv the attention.